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You can customize the tests that you are taking and gain knowledge in the desired way.

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You can easily take up the steps easily and make the learning process very simple.

Custom Certificates & Exam branding

The certificates that you get can be customized according to the exams that you take up.

Results Automatically Graded

The exam results will be graded automatically graded. You will know your performance instantly.

No Software Installations Required

You do not need to install anything separately. Just go to the site log ion also start learning.

Give Exams With Public & Private Options

The exams that you give can be either taken publicly or privately.

Manage Your Account For Exam

You can easily manage your accounts according to your convenience.

Open-source learning platform

You will be learning everything from an open source. Hence you can gain a lot of knowledge, and you will not have any restrictions.

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Users who are clearing from us will have a school learning experience. Every account can be customized accordingly.

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We have separate school portal which can be sued to teach in classrooms. Various schools around the world are using us for a better learning experience.

Computer Based Exams

Model Exams Avail On Portal

Before taking the actual you can actually take the model exam for practice. It will help you to perform better.

Free Testing and Quizzing Tools for Online Education!

We have free testing and quizzing tools that will help to increase the interactions of the users.

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From Our Blog

Things You Need To Know Before You Sit For An Online Exam

Most of the institutions these days have ditched the paper and pen mode of examinations to adopt the online examination system. And this change has been whole-heartedly accepted by students all over. With an increasing number of institutions switching over to online examination mode, you need to be prepared to tackle these exams just because they aren’t the regular mode you are otherwise used to – so here are a few tips you need to keep in mind:


The instructions for every exam vary – so you need to be very carefully read them before the examination itself. A lot of students just brush off the instructions aspect saying it’s the same as other exams, but you don’t want to miss minute aspects such as negative marking, marking scheme or even mode of answering – so don’t get overconfident, and read all the instructions carefully.

Mock tests

Mock tests have been formulated for a reason – and that is, you need to get acquainted with the type of exam and how it will be conducted. Even more important is the fact that most students are not used to the online mode, and making them comfortable with the online mode is pretty essential. So make use of the benefit of mock tests and get yourself acquainted with the way the test is going to be conducted.

Answer strategy

The way you answer the questions in the exam depends on not only your level of preparedness, but also the manner of the marking scheme. So if you have negative marking, you have to choose the questions you’re going to answer and those you’re going to skip. Keep an answering strategy in mind and have a sorted approach towards the questions you choose to answer.

Speed of answering

You need to understand that a lot of students don’t manage to complete their examinations because they are not used to the online mode. So get yourself adapted to the online test system and increase your speed of answering the questions so that you will be in a position to attempt and answer all of them.

Lastly, your preparation matters the most – not the form of examination. So instead of worrying about the online exam, start preparing and strengthening your base the rest will just fall in place.

10 E-learning Platforms You Can Use For Online Courses

Gone are the days when you actually had to go to an institution to learn about the courses of your choice. It’s all available online now – you can acquire the certifications for the courses of your interest all in the comfort of your home. So here are the platforms which provide you top-notch services – sign up for a fantastic experience:


How about an online platform where everyone shares their knowledge and skills which they have gained over a period of time – that’s what Skillshare is for you! Learn from experienced experts!


With 20,000 experts on this platform to guide you on a variety of subjects, Udemy is the ultimate platform that caters to every student’s needs. A host of courses and study material is available here – all of which is authentic, reliable and easy to understand.


Not only does Internshala have a host of paid internships that a student can sign up for, but they also have a lot of courses which come with huge discounts – the perfect fix for every student struggling to juggle finances!


An excellent platform that has come up with courses that are not only wonderfully crafted but are also approved and accepted worldwide – check this site out!



Basically an online teaching software, WizIQ has also branched out various courses that students would love to equip themselves with. Check this site out for some fantastic content.


How about entering a world where learning is a never-ending process? Well, that’s what LearnWorld is –it has a lot to offer, that you’ll be hooked to it, pursuing one course after the other.


A flexible version of Udemy, Teachable is slowly gaining popularity in the student community. And why not, with a fun approach towards teaching and learning, platforms like Teachable are all we’re looking out for!


Not only can you sign up for courses here, but also create one yourself! Interesting concept, isn’t it?


Educadium has a variety of courses that are specifically beneficial for budding entrepreneurs. But yes, there are other generic courses too – check this site for more details.


Ruzuku is a cool platform that comes with curated courses by subject matter experts which makes learning fun. Hop on to this platform for an exciting approach towards learning.

7 Awesome Advantages Of E-Learning

E-learning is in vogue – so much so that most students prefer this mode of learning and getting their certifications over the traditional mode. And that’s why many online platforms have come up, to provide reliable and dedicated services to cater to the needs of the e-generation:


Online courses are super cost effective – and this is what appeals the student clan the most. So instead of signing up for the courses which institutions provide, it’s best to go for these online courses which come at a discounted rate and have numerous other benefits over the traditional way of learning.


The best part about e-learning is that you can take your classes as per your convenience. This means you can study late nights, early mornings as per your will. It is also easy for college and office goers to sign up and pursue courses as per their desire and time.


The e-learning methods may have raised some eyebrows, but over a period of time, this method has proved that it’s the best. The emphasis of conceptual clarity is what e-learning courses and lectures focus on, so much so, that the lack of personal interaction with professors is made up for.

Choose the best

When you sign up for online courses, the best part of them is that even if they aren’t in your geographical vicinity, you need not worry. You are free to sign up with the source where you are sure to get the best, and need not compromise for something that you’re not happy with.

New techniques

The e-learning system has efficiently been combined with the modern tools that make learning exciting and quick. The use of these tools appeals to the youngsters and draws them towards these interesting ways of learning.


Not only do these courses teach you well, but also gauge how much you have learned and retained by conducting periodical tests. This makes it easier for you to keep up with what you’ve learned and also perform well in the tests to get your certifications.


If you love the e-learning system, kudos to you-you are simultaneously doing your bit towards the environment by supporting a no-paper mode of learning.

Signing up for online courses is the best you could do, considering these benefits!

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