Most of the institutions these days have ditched the paper and pen mode of examinations to adopt the online examination system. And this change has been whole-heartedly accepted by students all over. With an increasing number of institutions switching over to online examination mode, you need to be prepared to tackle these exams just because they aren’t the regular mode you are otherwise used to – so here are a few tips you need to keep in mind:


The instructions for every exam vary – so you need to be very carefully read them before the examination itself. A lot of students just brush off the instructions aspect saying it’s the same as other exams, but you don’t want to miss minute aspects such as negative marking, marking scheme or even mode of answering – so don’t get overconfident, and read all the instructions carefully.

Mock tests

Mock tests have been formulated for a reason – and that is, you need to get acquainted with the type of exam and how it will be conducted. Even more important is the fact that most students are not used to the online mode, and making them comfortable with the online mode is pretty essential. So make use of the benefit of mock tests and get yourself acquainted with the way the test is going to be conducted.

Answer strategy

The way you answer the questions in the exam depends on not only your level of preparedness, but also the manner of the marking scheme. So if you have negative marking, you have to choose the questions you’re going to answer and those you’re going to skip. Keep an answering strategy in mind and have a sorted approach towards the questions you choose to answer.

Speed of answering

You need to understand that a lot of students don’t manage to complete their examinations because they are not used to the online mode. So get yourself adapted to the online test system and increase your speed of answering the questions so that you will be in a position to attempt and answer all of them.

Lastly, your preparation matters the most – not the form of examination. So instead of worrying about the online exam, start preparing and strengthening your base the rest will just fall in place.