Gone are the days when you actually had to go to an institution to learn about the courses of your choice. It’s all available online now – you can acquire the certifications for the courses of your interest all in the comfort of your home. So here are the platforms which provide you top-notch services – sign up for a fantastic experience:


How about an online platform where everyone shares their knowledge and skills which they have gained over a period of time – that’s what Skillshare is for you! Learn from experienced experts!


With 20,000 experts on this platform to guide you on a variety of subjects, Udemy is the ultimate platform that caters to every student’s needs. A host of courses and study material is available here – all of which is authentic, reliable and easy to understand.


Not only does Internshala have a host of paid internships that a student can sign up for, but they also have a lot of courses which come with huge discounts – the perfect fix for every student struggling to juggle finances!


An excellent platform that has come up with courses that are not only wonderfully crafted but are also approved and accepted worldwide – check this site out!



Basically an online teaching software, WizIQ has also branched out various courses that students would love to equip themselves with. Check this site out for some fantastic content.


How about entering a world where learning is a never-ending process? Well, that’s what LearnWorld is –it has a lot to offer, that you’ll be hooked to it, pursuing one course after the other.


A flexible version of Udemy, Teachable is slowly gaining popularity in the student community. And why not, with a fun approach towards teaching and learning, platforms like Teachable are all we’re looking out for!


Not only can you sign up for courses here, but also create one yourself! Interesting concept, isn’t it?


Educadium has a variety of courses that are specifically beneficial for budding entrepreneurs. But yes, there are other generic courses too – check this site for more details.


Ruzuku is a cool platform that comes with curated courses by subject matter experts which makes learning fun. Hop on to this platform for an exciting approach towards learning.